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ADD:Beiyuan Road Triumph City (Triumph Centre), Chaoyang District, Beijing, No. 170, Block C 17 layer / F, Block 303




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ADD: Beiyuan Road Triumph City (Triumph Centre), Chaoyang District, Beijing, No. 170, Block C 17 layer / F, Block 303

Diverse value-added training

Customized service

Professional after sales

Service philosophy

   UICC shall introduce an Advanced Concept, Scientific Operation, Professional Technology & Excellent Service into every step of customer service, so as to standardize management and maintain integrity of service, providing constant innovative, professional, high quality, regulated, efficient, passionate services of all-around satisfactory with specialized features. Over the years, the company has served several ten thousand clients with our high quality service gaining extensive praises.

Noble culture

With advanced and noble corporate business philosophy and corporate culture.

Extensive qualifications

With multiple qualifications

approved by CNCA


Complete organizational structure system

Group size

A number of excellent legal entities jointly build a group business scale

Excellent team

Authoritative team of experts, scientific management team

Standard service

The service process is institutionalized, open and transparent, fair and rigorous, and fully protects the interests of customers.

Professional after sales

Continue to pay attention to customer trends and implement follow-up visits to meet customer needs at different stages.

Diversified value-added

Can pass an audit according to customer needs

Proud performance

The company has accumulated more than 30,000 customers and issued nearly 40,000 certificates, involving more than 30 industries and fields across the country.

Strong responsibility

Adhere to the principle of third-party justice, and strive to carry out various social welfare and technology-friendly activities.

Service Advantage

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